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State of Decay: Lifeline

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

The horde arrives on the third day, like clockwork. From my post on the rooftop I saw the usual mix of walkers and runners. A Feral sulked near the back, it’s wild hair matted down from blood and other bodily fluids. A smoke grenade weighed down my left hand, ready to signal for an artillery drop on my orders. I readied my radio, tactics swimming through my head, when I heart it. A howl. 

Tremors grew from my right side, and I turned to see a Juggernaut appear from behind a warehouse, trailing another dozen zeds. Ice grew in my veins and I realize that not everyone would survive tonight. With shaking limbs I drew the radio to my lips. 

“Red Leg, Red Leg, this is Black Friday. Fire for effect, danger close.”

God help us, I thought as the first round whistled down from above.

The fans have spoken, and amazingly the developers have listened. From Undead Labs comes a brand new story for their epic indie, State of Decay.

Lifeline gets out of the suburbs and into a densely populated urban environment. Instead of a band of plucky civilians, you play the rank and file of America’s Army, following orders from a distant command and trying to keep your soldiers–and a few civilians–alive. 

Is this new adventure worth the $6.99, or should it just receive a toe tag?