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Stop all that Reitman-hating!

Written by: The Red Baron, CC2K Staff Writer


This guy does not deserve your vitriol.

The Red Baron urges you to knock off all this misdirected frustration toward privileged children of Hollywood's elite. 

Why are people saying such nasty things about the successful offspring of established figures in the movie biz?

"Hey, guys, aren't you excited that Ivan Reitman's son is directing movies now?"

"Oh, look at poor Sofia Coppola.  She has to accept that Oscar all by her lonesome."

"Scott Caan.  What a unique talent."

OK.  Maybe Scott Caan can withstand a little snickering sarcasm.

But, I must admit, I am annoyed at this general bitterness among the struggling artists community directed toward easy targets, such as Ms. Coppola and Jason Reitman.


Yeah, having a dad who directed Apocalypse Now doesn't totally suck, but doesn't it count for anything that The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation were good movies?

Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Jason Reitman paid his dues as a director of commercials for many years, and worked hard making well-recieved short films before making his feature debut Thank You For Smoking, a sophisicated social parody of our increasingly corporate and litigious culture?  This is a path many have taken toward a career as a filmmaker.

Unfair advantages aside, keep in mind that Reitman and Coppola simply did what we should all be doing to advance our careers in this business, exploiting every fucking resource you have, and don't fucking quit until you've fucking created the opportunity you desire.

I'm not saying it's easy, or that everyone who embarks on this journey of artistic self-fulfillment succeeds, or that many people out there don't have a huge fucking head start.

But, I truly feel that channeling your frustrations on not having "made it" yet, toward those who have due to seemingly overwhemling nepotistic circumstances, even within the confines of witty, sarcastic banter, is ultimately counter-productive.

So, get over it, enjoy, despise, or be filled with feelings of mediocrity by the films of Jason Reitman, Sofia Coppola on their own merits, and work on getting your own shit together.


So….uh….anyone want to see "Marie Antoinette" next month?  Anyone?

Guys? Oh, come on?  Did I hurt your feelings?  I'm sorry!

No, I'm not.



No, no.  I didn't mean that.  I just love you all so much, it makes me crazy sometimes.

But, seriously.  "Marie Antoinette" next month?  Sno-caps on me!  Wink