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Take Flight: GTA V Flight School

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

Rockstar won a lot of praise for creating a digital Los Angeles-ish sandbox for many a psychopath to wander. Now they’re upping the ante, and setting the sky ablaze. 

GTA V is no stranger to DLC. It seems like every holiday season comes with a new collection of clothes, weapons and vehicles. The Back-to-School crowd can rest happy knowing that Flight School has arrived at the Los Santos International Airport. Bringing in new missions, new planes and new adventures to have, is this adventure worth the price of admission?

Oh, it’s free? Well then. Let’s go have some fun. 

The first noticeable update is the actual school. Located at the airport, players can practice fun but challenging maneuvers meant to open you up to a new skill level of piloting. Would-be Mavericks will revel in the loop-de-loops and barrel-rolls, even in the unarmed planes. The tests are varied and require unique skill sets to complete. One of my personal favorites comes in the form of a parachute chase. Wearing nothing but the clothes on your back, you leap from a perfectly good airplane and chase your magic gravity-defying device toward the earth. Coming in second is not an option here. 

No matter how delicious this looks, the results of the above sentence are not

Once you’re done with school, there are new missions to take on. CTF-style aerial duels, along with plenty of jet-on-jet deathmatch. There’s also a nifty new plane, the Besra, with insane handling and an incredible afterburner. It’s more of what you already love, and that’s like getting chocolate ice-cream all over your G.I. Joes. 


If you’ve liked the DLC from Rockstar before, you’ll most likely love this one as well. It is not as beefy as previous releases (only one new car?) but what is here is polished and incredibly fun. Now if Rockstar will just give us the zombie DLC we’ve been asking for. COME ON! UNDEAD REDEMPTION WAS THE BEST. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!