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Teresa Palmer to Wield the Lasso of Truth?

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: Moviehole

After months of speculation and rumors regarding the casting of Wonder Woman that have included the likes of Sandra Bullock and Jessica Biel, it seems we might finally have confirmation.  It seems that George Miller's extensive casting session a few weeks ago was successful, and Moviehole is reporting that Teresa Palmer has won the part of the Amazonian goddess in Miller's upcoming Justice League of America.

The 21 year old Aussie doesn't have a lot of credits on her resume yet, though of note she's credited on The Grudge 2 and can be seen along with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in the recently released December Boys.

Though this remains unconfirmed at this time, Moviehole reports that Miller and the casting directors were floored with her audition, and an Australian newspaper is also reporting that she's been cast in the role.  

Though it's a little hard to picture her as Wonder Woman with all that blonde hair, she's definitely got a great look about her, and I like the idea of casting less established actors in these roles.

We'll keep you updated as news comes in on this.