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The 100-Word Critic: Man of the Year

Written by: Stacy Centa, the 100-Word Critic

Image (Stacy Centa is a guest columnist for CC2K. Each week, she will review a movie in EXACTLY 100 words, not including any of these. This week, Centa uses her allotment of words to write a post-modern, comparative, snarky, and ultimately somewhat positive review of Man of the Year.)


If you’ve seen ads for Man of the Year you might expect a voyage through the looking glass to a world where Jon Stewart becomes president.  Instead of an extended dose of The Daily Show, the film is actually the second coming of The Net with Laura Linney as the plucky technophile replacing Sandra Bullock.   (Jeremy Northam made a creepier villain than Jeffrey Goldblum, but he may not have been able to pull off the eyeliner as well).

After you’ve adjusted your expectations, the movie is decent.  Linney kills, as always, and Christopher Walken, for once, didn’t give me nightmares.   


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