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The 100-Word Critic: Premonition

Written by: Stacy Centa, the 100-Word Critic

Image (Stacy Centa is a guest columnist for CC2K. In each article, she will review a movie in EXACTLY 100 words, not including any of these. This week, Centa uses her allotment of words to write a surprisingly descriptive and overall positive review of Sandra Bullock's Premonition.)

Wednesday follows Tuesday which follows Monday, right? Not if you’re Sandra Bullock in Premonition.

The premise is simple: a husband dies.  The movie is anything but.  Suspense and drama are interwoven craftily throughout this film where time is not linear.  Bullock plays the soon-to-be widow who refuses to accept her own insanity and struggles to solve the puzzle.  Julian McMahon, the doomed husband, will disappoint Nip/Tuck fans by his lack of screen time.  

Ultimately, it’s a fun ride.   Sure, there are loose ends and a startling “What the?” moment at the end, but it’s a must for your Netflix queue.  


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