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The 100-Word Critic: Zodiac

Written by: Stacy Centa, the 100-Word Critic

Image (Stacy Centa is a guest columnist for CC2K. In each article, she will review a movie in EXACTLY 100 words, not including any of these. This week, Centa uses her allotment of words to write a concise, positive, though less-laudatory-than-the-norm review of David Fincher's Zodiac.)

Zodiac was not a bad movie.  It could have been great.  The film follows a newspaper cartoonist, played by Jake Gyllenhal, as he obsessively attempts to solve a string of murders committed by a media-taunting psycho. The film never answers the question of why he’s obsessed. And that would have been a more interesting story to tell.

The cast is great.  Mark Ruffalo is understated and sublime and Robert Downey Jr. steals every scene he’s in.

If you’re looking for a Hollywood ending, skip this one.  Even though Gyllenhal ultimately gets what he wants, the ending, although realistic, is unsatisfying.

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