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The CC2K Hype Train: Final Crisis – A Preview

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageI Have a confession to make. I have a man-crush on Grant Morrison. It has been a week since the New York Comic Con, and since I got a chance to chat with the man, I haven't shut up about him. I talk to friends about Grant's projects, and notice what I did right there, cause I do it in normal conversations as well, I refer to him by his first name only, like I know the guy on a personal level. I just can't shake the fact that this man is a complete genius. Often fantasizing how his brain functions. I know mine travels from point A to B to assist me with decisions, but it seems that his goes point A to Z and back to D. Since we started these weekly "hype" previews, I have contributed two, counting the one you're reading right now, and both revolve around Grant Morrison projects. There just isn't a better writer in the field today, coupled with the fact that he is one of two guiding hands shaping the current DC Universe has me giddy like a school girl offered chocolate out of a mysterious white van. It's with this lengthy, rambling introduction that I begin to discuss a book everyone should be investing their time with, DC's upcoming Final Crisis by Grant Morrison, and drawn by J.G. Jones.

"Final" is the key word here folks. This is the last act in what Editor-in-Chief Dan Didio calls the "Crisis" trilogy. Though not the EIC in 1986, when Crisis on Infinite Earths first hit, Didio's regime has provided readers with three new crisis titles in Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and the upcoming Final Crisis. Final Crisis has been touted as the wrap up to a lot of the themes the DCU has been carrying since Didio took over in 2004. Now enters Grant Morrison. Who else could wrap up the DCU's majesty and cosmic grace with a giant bow on it better than a man whose brain functions at levels reminiscent of the aliens in Independence DayFinal Crisis under Morrison's pen looks to be the ultimate swan song for the writer and his love for DC.

All the players of the DC Universe will be here. Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. All the Green Lanterns. DC's super-pets, multiple all new international teams created by Morrison, and the creation of the "Fifth World." The shear scope of ideas being thrown into the pot for this seven issue mini-series is astonishing. But what is the point of all these characters showing up if the plot doesn't support the weight they stand on.

Very little has actually been revealed as to what Final Crisis is about. We do know this Crisis covers the beginning of time, through the end, starting with Anthro, the first boy, and ending with Kamandi, the last. Final Crisis is also the story about "The Day Evil Won" and its fallout. "Good needs to win everyday, evil only has to win once", said Morrison at this year's New York Comic Con, which is a statement that rings true. Once evil wins, it's an insurmountable hill the heroes would have to climb to take back and return the universe to prosperity. We also know Darkseid will be featured heavily, which makes sense because he is the biggest, baddest cosmic villain in the whole DCU. Libra will also be featured as the "villain catalyst" setting everything in motion. His first appearance stemming back to Justice League of America #111 where he stole the JLA's powers earning himself "god" status, unfortunately being too much to handle making him revert into the fabric of the cosmic. Seems too good a concept to pass up, as it thematically fits the idea of the New Gods and the "Fifth World."

If Darkseid, Libra, the "Fifth World", all of the universe's heroes fighting an impossible battle doesn't enthrall you, then maybe this will….

"What happens when the Anti-Life Equation hits the internet?"



That's merely one of the teases for issue #3 of Final Crisis and it sounds like an amazing Morrison idea. The Anti-Life equation is something Darkseid has been seeking his entire existence as it is exactly what it sounds like, a way to destroy and imprison all life in the universe. Now imagine if an everyday schmuck got a hold of that formula, would they use it for their own personal gain, or grasp the gravitas of its power, opting instead to surrender it to our heroes. It's a high concept only Morrison could deliver on. And as I said, that's ONE idea being thrown into the story of Final Crisis.

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, assisting Grant Morrison in telling this epic is J.G. Jones. Known for his recent covers on the weekly series 52, Jones is a god. I remember rushing to the store to pick up the latest issue of 52, not only to find out what happens, but also to see what Jones provides as the cover image. He delivered every time, giving readers a single image that encompassed the entire issue without spoiling the story. I look forward to seeing Jones' interior pencils, something he hasn't done in years. I can only hope that every panel will be as highly detailed and dynamic as his covers. And if they are, we are in for one hell of a finished product.

While most "crisis" events at DC are used as a reboot to the company line, or a way to "cull the weak", I have faith in Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones to deliver one of the most action packed, emotional stories the DCU has ever seen. The creative team involved was the best at what they do and are overly qualified to deliver interesting stories. So everyone should just sit back and enjoy the craziness, this is the DCU's final hour, their Final Crisis.