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The Last Starfighter Sequel Is A Go; Lance Guest Agrees to Reprise Role

Written by: Perfect Tommy, Special to CC2K

ImageWe've got word that a sequel to The Last Starfighter has started looking for locations.

Garth Franklin over at reported that the "rumors of a sequel to the 1984 family friendly science fiction classic The Last Starfighter was about to go into production are false."

While technically this is true, this reporter has contacts on the inside. Yes, they are not "ready to begin principal photography," but sources revealed that Relativity Media put the script on hold due to the writer's strike.

With the strike over, they are on the second draft of the script and have begun location scouting. Additionally, Lance Guest (47), who portrayed maverick Gunstar pilot Alex Rogan in the original film, has verbally agreed to reprise his role in Relativity Media's sequel.