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The Morning Roundup: Chekhov is Kyle Reese, Jack Ryan Will Return, More Battlestar Galactica

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer


Your new Kyle Reese.

Anton Yelchin and Sam Worthington will star with Christian Bale in McG's upcoming Terminator sequel. We've also got word about casting and other news from around the pop-culture spectrum.

Sam Raimi will revive the Jack Ryan franchise with Paramount Pictures.

• The new movie would attempt to kick-start a franchise built around a younger Ryan.

The SciFi Channel has officially officially greenlit the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica. Yay! They've also signed Rosario Dawson to develop a pilot based on a comic she co-created: True Believer.

Broadway update:

• A revival of August Wilson's Fences is on the way.
• Also, the musical Glory Days is headed for Broadway.
• So is a spoof of Hitchcock's The 39 Steps.

Anton Yelchin – aka Chekhov in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek – will play Kyle Reese in Terminator 4.

• Apparently part of the storyline is about how Reese befriends an early version of the terminator unit played by Schwarzenegger. I didn't know that version was designed for a deep-cover op.

Nicktoons is prepping a two new series based around Iron Man and The X-Men.

A seriously in-depth look at Grand Theft Auto 4.

Jason Segel spoke with IGN about writing a new Muppet movie.

Michael Cera will star in Edgar Wright's new comedy, Scott Pilgrim's Little Life.

Beau Bridges has joined the cast of Fox's Max Payne, based on the video game.

Is there going to be a new Beverly Hills 90210?

Hey, do you want a widget for the new Indiana Jones movie? I know I do!