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The Morning Roundup: Dreamworks Does Ghost in the Shell, Incredible Hulk Poster

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageIn some exciting news for anime fans, the classic Ghost in the Shell is going to receive a live-action treatment on the big screen. We also have news from the worlds of music, theater and TV.

Dreamworks plans to make a live-action, 3D version of the anime classic Ghost in the Shell. Two other studios were also pursuing rights to the project, and then Spielberg was like, "Hey."

Because of the presidentail inauguration on Jan. 20, there's a new schedule for the Oscars: Oscar nominations will be unveiled Thursday, Jan. 22, with the ceremony Sunday, Feb. 22.

Lars Von Trier will be shooting a new movie this summer: Antichrist. According to Variety, he's shootin the project after "securing Teutonic coin." What?

IESB has a billion new video clips from the upcoming Tina Fey/Amy Poehler vehicle Baby Mama.

Word: Michael McKean will be appearing onstage at the Steppenwolf. He'll star in Superior Donuts, with performances starting on June 19 for a June 29 opening. I wonder how many actors have performed for both Second City and Steppenwolf?

According to AICN, via, Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady's girlfriend) will be the babe in the fourth Austin Powers movie.

We're not in the habit of reporting about sex tapes here, but this is too damn interesting: A sex film with Marilyn Monroe surfaced, only to disappear back into the private collection of a New York businessman.

Music: The Flaming Lips, the Roots, the New Pornographers, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Girl Talk, Headlights and Dark Meat will all perform at the Summer Camp festival in May.

According to Heroes Television, here are the first four episode titles for season three of Heroes – in inviso-text!

Episode 3×01: “The Butterfly Effect”
Sept. 15, 2008
Written By: Tim Kring
Directed By: Allan Arkush

Episode 3×02: “Dreamtime”

Sept. 2008
Written By: Tim Kring
Directed By: Greg Beeman

Episode 3×03: “One of Us, One of Them”

Sept. 2008
Written By: Joe Pokaski
Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Episode 3×04: “The Year of Our Lord”

Fall 2008
Written By: Aron Coleite
Directed By: Adam Kane

Hey, it's the poster for The Incredible Hulk!


Mitch Hurwitz has rounded up three of his Arrested Development alums for his animated Fox pilot Sit Down, Shut Up.

United Artists has tapped Children of Men screenwriter Timothy J. Sexton to adapt the noirish futuristic thriller Timecrimes.

Also, some more clips from Iron Man.