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The Morning Roundup: God of War III Trailer, New Dutchess & Eagle Eye Posters, CSI Star Departing

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we have SPOILERISH news that one of the major stars of CSI will be leaving early in the fall season, two directors talking about some very different upcoming projects, the official announcement and first trailer for God of War III, and more!

Louis Leterrier, coming off of a mostly successful effort of directing The Incredible Hulk talked about his next project – a remake of the classic Clash of the Titans.  He asserts that the film will not follow the stylized trend set by 300 but  will serve as a homage to stop-motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen who was responsible for the unforgettable work on the 1981 original and be more photo-realistic.

Michael Bay talked to EW about the upcoming Transformers sequel, and among other things he had this to say, “When we were writing the script, I said to the writers, "I hate sequels that try to make it to the third movie. Pretend like we’re never having a third movie, so let’s go for broke on the second one. I hate those cliffhangers!”

In game-to-film news, Lost Planet is set to be adapted into a screenplay to be written by David Hayter (Watchmen).

In gaming news, all you Playstation owners are in for a treat.  Sony officially announced at E3 2008 that God of War III is coming soon, and then showed the following trailer for the game: 

Though certainly not an actual part of either franchise, you can check out what Batman’s “Tumbler” Batmobile would look like as a Transformer:


A new promotional site for the Stiller/Black?Downey Jr. comedy Tropic Thunder is live, and you can check it out at Rain of Madness.  Also, if you want to check out sites devoted to each of the main characters in the film, the first devoted to Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) is live.  Speaking of, you did hear the release date changed to August 13th, right?

For all of you X-Files fans out there, to get yourself back in the mood to believe you should check out the X-Files Lexicon – a great source of information about the show.  Recently they were able to secure an exclusive interview with Director of Photography: John S. Bartley who worked on the first three season's of the series. 

Collider has the latest trailer for The Spirit that focuses on the women that cross paths with our hero.  You can check it out HERE.

In SPOILER-heavy television news, the star of one of CBS’s biggest shows – CSI:Crime Scene Investigation is reportedly leaving.  William Peterson spoke to EW about his upcoming exit – scheduled to occur after the 10th episode of the new season – I want it to work for the writers, I want it to work for the cast, and, most importantly, I want it to work for the audience. I don't want them to abandon the show.”

Finally we have two news posters for The Dutchess and Eagle Eye below in our gallery!  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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