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The Morning Roundup: Jason Voorhees Cast, Sackhoff Talks Cylons, New Posters For Everything

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis scary dude pictured is the new Jason Voorhees. Besides that sinus-clearing news, we've also got word that there's a new TV spot for Indy 4, as well as loads of new posters for movies hitting theaters in the coming months.

The gambling thriller 21 topped the box office this past weekend.

Paramount released a new TV spot for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Bloody Disgusting confirmed that the man behind the hockey mask in the remake of Friday the 13th will be Derek Mears (pictured).

Hey, it sounds like C. Thomas Howell will also be playing George W. Bush in an the upcoming comedy Commander in Chief.

What does NBC's new TV schedule look like?

Want to see some character posters from Mamma Mia? Then check 'em out!

Jon Kelley will host the new season of ABC's The Mole.

Guess who joined the lineup of the Pitchfork Music festival?

If you're interested in reading about the behind-the-scenes legal wranglings of Hollywood, check out this story about the rights to Superman.

Mos Def and Gabrielle Union joined the cast of Cadillac Records.

What's Liz Phair up to?

Stage update:

• Katie Holmes might be heading for Broadway.
• Some Broadway shows might be heading for Texas.
• New Jersey's Paper Mill playhouse has unveiled its latest schedule.
Hair is coming to a New York park near you.

50 Cent has a new video game on the way.

Hey, do you want to meet the Strike Team from FX's The Shield?

New York Magazine is reporting that Paul Giamatti may play Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic.

A Gears of War movie is set for a 2010 release. We'll also apparently make contact that year.

Katee Sackhoff knows who the final Cylon is.

Hey, it's some new posters from Iron Man!

Also, check out these two new posters below – Get Smart and College: