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The Morning Roundup: Major Terminator Spoiler, New Wanted Trailer, He-Man Script Review

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we've got news that rumors of a major spoiler concerning the ending of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins look to be legit.  We've also got the latest trailer for the James McAvoy/Angelina Joile action film Wanted, and oh yeah, history was made yesterday as Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee for President.


In news this morning after the final two state primaries were held yesterday Senator Barack Obama has reportedly won enough delegates to clinch the Democratic Party’s nomination for President.  At a rally Obama addressed the crowd saying, "Our party and our country are better off because of her and I am a better candidate for having had the honor to compete with Hillary Clinton."  

In film news Matt Damon will join Morgan Freeman in a Clint Eastwood directed film about the 1985 Rugby World Cup and Mandela’s efforts to unite South Africa behind their national team. 

Hey, Latino Review has a review of the script for the upcoming He-Man film that describes it as “A complete miracle” and “LORD OF THE RINGS meets THE MATRIX and a little BATMAN BEGINS thrown in for good measure.”

After the success of the Bourne Trilogy it looks like Universal Pictures is rushing to adapt another of Robert Ludlum’s novels: The Sigma Protocol.

Rumors of a major spoiler for the ending of the next Terminator film starring Christian Bale appear to be rooted in fact, as DH, AICN, and CHUD have issued corroborating reports.  I’ve put the spoiler in inviso text, so highlight the area below to read the spoiler.

The original AICN report says that the character of Marcus (Sam Worthington) was a criminal who was executed in 2003 and donated his body to Project Angel which was involved with SkyNet. They use his body and make a Terminator out of him.

It goes on to say that at the end of the movie John Connor (Christian Bale) is fighting a T800 model 101, loses and dies. The fellow leaders of the resistance feel it's important to keep the image or idea that John Connor is still alive so they rip off Marcus' skin and put John Connor's on the skeleton so now Marcus is John Connor.


We’ve got the latest trailer for the upcoming movie Wanted:

In game-to-film news, Bruce Willis is in talks to portray Kane in the planned adaptation of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Could Guy Ritchis be the right man to helm a new film based on Sherlock Holmes?  Elementary dear reader.