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The Morning Roundup: Marley & Me, Push Trailers; More Terminator for Fox, New Trek Comic Coming

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we have news of a new Star Trek comic that will lead up to the release of Abrams' reboot, several television shows picked up for full or additional seasons, trailers for Marley & Me and Push, and more!

Hollywood seemingly will never run out of targets for remakes.  The producers of the Saw franchise and the horror division of RKO Pictures are planning a string of remakes of classic horror films from the 1930's and 40's that include: Five Came Back, I Walked With a Zombie, The Body Snatcher, and Bedlam.

Chuck Palahniuk's 2005 novel Haunted has been optioned for a film adaptation that Koen Mortier will direct.

Star Trek: Countdown, a four-issue comic prequel series to be released from January to April of next year has already been written by J.J. abrams and his Star Trek writing partners.

In TV news Fox has ordered a full second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, NBC a full season of Knight Rider, and Showtime has ordered fourth and fifth seasons of Dexter.

In a bit of non-news, Daniel Craig revealed in an interview that he was approached by Marvel to portray Thor, but turned them down saying:

"yes they [Marvel] did approach me but I turned it down…it would have been too much of a power trip, both Bond and Thor, and running around with long hair and a hammer."


Guillermo Del Toro has talked about some of the challenges of making The Hobbit such as:

"I believe that every single second of that movie is a challenge. The biggest of them all, the most obvious of them all would be Smaug – but that is stating the obvious.  Smaug has the great advantage of having been written like – in my memory and in my view of anti-drama – it is the best Dragon ever written, so that's a great foundation already. You know the fact that he is 'The Magnificent'; he is absolutely so well fleshed out. But in terms of the design, because 'form is function' and function and form ultimately dictate conflict (to an audience). When you're watching a Dragon it's not just how cool it looks…"

Trailer Time!


Marley & Me: