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The Morning Roundup: Marvel Unveils Super Slate, New Cloverfield Pics, Knights Templar

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning's roundup brings news that Marvel is aiming to put the Avengers onscreen by 2011, plus: That nasty monster from Cloverfield is already storming its way back toward multiplexes.

OK, after Iron Man's huge $100 million opening, Marvel rolled out a slate of superhero movies that'll keep us hip-deep in Avengers until 2011. Here's the scoop:

Iron Man 2 is set for April 30, 2010.
• On June 4, 2010, Thor is set to his theaters. Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Stardust) will direct.
• May 6, 2011 will see the opening of The First Avenger: Captain America, while later that same summer (July 2011), we'll presumably see The Avengers, with Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Thor all in the same movie. CinemaBlend is reporting that Matthew McConaughey is in the running to play Steve Rogers.

Sounds like fun! I'll believe it when I see it.

Rapper and actor Common has been cast in Terminator 4.

I'm surprised to report that I might be ligitimately excited about another Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer project. The two are potentially teaming up on a crime drama for HBO.

Universal is producing a Middle Ages flick about the Knights Templar called Farty McBarty and The Bartlestiltskins. Just kidding – it's called The Knights Templar.

IO9 has a comprehensive – and spoiler-filled – examination of the official guide to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with scans of all the pages. Full disclosure: looking at the pages for this guide made me a little misty – I can remember poring over similar guides for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I was a kid. Fun!



Sam Rockwell is set to star in the sci-fi thriller Moon.

Slate takes a look at the problematic nature of Christian pop culture.

It looks like Cloverfield 2 is already on the way, complete with a new viral campaign and some mysterious pics:



Hey, it's the teaser trailer for Twilight, the new film adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer graphic novel.

Spoilers: Heroes spoilers, Lost spoilers!

Anchorman 2 plans to stay very, very classy.