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The Morning Roundup: New Beverly Hills Cop! Women in Chains! Batman Endorsement!

Written by: Lance Carmichael, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageHey, remember just the other day, when you were thinking, Man, I wish they'd make another one of those delightful Beverly Hills Cop movies? No? Are you sure? Because Paramount Pictures SWEARS they heard you.

Speaking of great ideas , Michael Bay is set to produce a movie inspired by the game Ouija. Alert the custodian of the AFI Top 100 Films of All Time list. 

Director/composer/writer/blacksmith Robert Rodriguez and actress/ homewrecker Rose McGowan are shopping a show called Women in Chains around to the networks. Although this seems like a total natural for Fox, the way NBC's been going lately with non-stop shitty programming (besides the Office), there could be a bidding war for this.

Hey, ever wonder what it would be like if Batman endorsed a drink? Wonder no longer ! Yes! SO COOOOOOL!!!