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The Morning Roundup: Red Band Trailers for Sex Drive, Death Race, & Righteous Kill, New W Posters

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we've got casting news for the next film by the Coen Brothers, new posters for Oliver Stone's W, red band trailers for Sex Drive, Death Race, and Righteous Kill, and more!

Russell Crowe recently revealed that he's considering taking on the role of controversial standup comedian Bill Hicks in a new biopic.  Mark Staufer is working on the screenplay.

Quick on the heels of the first "joygasmic" reaction (by Kevin Smith) to Zak Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen comes news that the film may be in legal trouble.  20th Century Fox at one time held the rights to a Watchmen movie, and never actually relinquished those rights.  How Warner Bros. was able to move ahead with their own adaptation is something of a head-scratcher, but their recent appeal for a dismissal of Fox's lawsuit was denied by a federal judge.  It's not clear what this means for the film's release, but it might not be good. . .unless you're Alan Moore (who's been opposed to a film adaptation since just about forever.)  

Variety is reporting that the Coen Brothers have their leads for their next film A Serious Man.  Richard Kind (Spin City, among numerous other credits) will join Michael Stuhlbarg in the film that will be set in 1967 and centers on Larry Gopnik (Stuhlbarg), a Midwestern professor whose life begins to unravel when his wife sets out to leave him and his socially inept brother (Kind) won't move out of the house.

Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi are teaming to produce an adaptation of DC Comics' Sleeper.

Hey all you PS3 owners!  Bioshock, one of the best games of last year will be available for the PS3 on October 21.

We've got two new posters for Oliver Stone's W.  As they are very similar, you can view one of them in the upper right corner and the other below:


Here's a red band trailer for Sex Drive:

And here's a red band trailer for Death Race:

And one more for ya, a red band trailer for Righteous Kill: