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The Morning Roundup: SAG-AFTRA Feud, Incredible Hulk Cameo Spoilers, Angels & Demons Pics

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageToday we have news on the possible SAG strike, The Incredible Hulk spoilers regarding cameos by other Marvel icons, rumors regarding the Transformers sequel, and on-set pics from Angels & Demons.


The feud of the two actors’ unions – SAG vs. AFTRA – is deepening.  Though I’m going to admit ignorance as to what AFTRA actually is.  Screen Actors Guild I know, but AFTRA?  Association For Totally Rad Actors?

Is Captain America going to make some kind of “easter egg” cameo in The Incredible Hulk?  There’s already been a good bit of discussion over the glimpse of what was confirmed to be Captain America’s shield in Iron Man – yeah, I missed it too but here’s a screenshot:


You can see Cap's shield on the work bench under Tony's right arm. 

Speaking of spoilers of the cross-promotional variety, here’s a new TV spot for The Incredible Hulk that features a portion of the cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but you knew about that already, right?

It appears that if you think the new Transformers sequel title – Revenge of the Fallen – refers to revenge to be exacted by the defeated Decepticons from the first film, you’re way off mark.  CHUD reports “the Fallen” is actually a character from the Transformers comic books described rather nicely by DH as:

An ancient Transformer who's essentially the Devil of their mythology as in one of the original good 13 Transformers who turned on his fellow beings and was cast down. Now he's 'The Fallen', a being of power, darkness, and absolute dedication to Unicron – the twin brother and arch-enemy of the Transformers creator Primus who was sealed with Fallen into extradimensional limbo.


Harrison Ford has joined the drama “Crowley” – based on a true story of a man who fought to find a cure for a rare genetic disorder that afflicted his own children.  One question: how is Harrison Ford supposed to grit his teeth and kick the ass of a genetic disorder like he’s done to Storm Troopers, Nazis, and terrorists?  When he inevitably does, is it going to let out the Wilhem scream?


Hey remember all those rumors of Patrick Swayze’s all-but-guaranteed demise to pancreatic cancer?  Not only is the actor still alive, but he’s able-bodied enough to work, as he is committed to the new A&E series The Beast, which follows an “unorthodox but effective FBI veteran (Swayze).”  I can only assume his unorthodox ways involve a lot of unsanctioned dancing.


Finally we’ve got several pictures taken during filming of the upcoming prequel Angels & Demons, courtesy of trovacinema:


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