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The “Official” Title of the Untitled JJ Abrams Monster Movie

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: CHUD

The guys at got a sneak peek at the trailer for JJ Abrams upcoming monster movie that has so far been identified by its release date 01-18-08 that will be running in front of Beowulf when it premieres on November 16th.  The word around the internet is that this will be the big revelation of the official title of the movie.

But why wait when you can get the scoop today?  The official title of the movie is Cloverfield, which is actually what it was rumored to be called months ago when the gears on the hype machine for this movie first started grinding.

For more details about the trailer, make the jump! 

The trailer seems to be maintaining the reality/documentary style of the film, and opens with the text:

Multiple sightings of case designate 'Cloverfield' Camera retrieved at incident site 'U.S. 447'
(Area formerly known as Central Park) 

Then you see essentially the same trailer that has been seen before, but sped up as though someone was fast-forwarding through the footage.  Then we get to the new stuff.  It's a lot of chaos, flashes of scenes and snippets of dialogue, screams, roars, and explosions.  Evidently not only do you get a glimpse of the monster, said to be "HUGE", but in a troubling similarity to Godzilla (the crappy one made by Roland Emmerich) there are also little monsters that can be glimpsed attacking a woman.  Hmmm…could this movie possibly live up to the hype surrounding it?  

For those you don't recall, here's the first trailer: