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The Scoobies and the Newbie: Episode 04

Written by: Fanboy Comics

Scoobies photoThe Scoobies and the Newbie

Buffy fanatics Bryant Dillon and Barbra Dillon (the Scoobies) introduce Buffy-virgin Sam Rhodes (the Newbie) to Joss Whedon’s tale of vampire-slaying, demons, magic, and a universe composed entirely of shrimp.


Slutty slayers, evil politicians, and exploding high schools…the Scoobies trek on with Sam through Season 3 of Buffy. Miss this one, and it will be like a gut-stab to your Whedon fan love!





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Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Barbra Dillon, Sam Rhodes, and special guest Tony Caballero of





Featuring the song “Ooh, Mr. Mayor”
Written and performed by Karuna Tanahashi
Vocals Recorded and Musical Arrangements by David Bickford



Find more about Karuna and her awesome Buffy-themed songs at the following links:

YouTube Channel: JossJunkie
Twitter ID: karunatanahashi


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