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The Top 5 Gateway Games for Hooking Your Boo

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

It finally happened. You finally managed to land a date with that gorgeous boy / girl / intelligent shade of the color blue you’ve always pined over. Dinner went great, the movie after was perfect, and now you’re at their doorstep waiting for some sweet macking action. Suddenly, they lay down this nonsense:

“I’m just not into games.”

This is beyond heartbreak. How are you supposed to grow with this person, to love them as you would any family member, if they shun the greatest entertainment medium since marionettes? 

Simple answer, you can’t. 

However, since we can’t all be handsome-nerd hybrids like Felicia Day or Will Weaton, sometimes we need to make compromises when it comes to relationships. It’s not OK to throw away a perfectly good companion just because they don’t enjoy–AARRGH! What am I saying? How can anyone not like playing video games?

You know what? We need to look at this from another angle. Why should we be the ones to change? There’s nothing wrong with us at all. How about we try changing them instead?

Presented with plenty of further comment, here are the 5 best gateway drugs games for your non-gaming SO.