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Top 5 Thing We Want From Next Gen Games

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

We are no longer in the “Next Generation” of consoles. That moment of fun and excitement has come and gone, leaving us penniless and wanting in its wake. Frankly, if I’m completely honest, the current generation of consoles is a big miss. Sure, things look really pretty right now, and there are some cool new tricks these things can do with regards to connecting you to Facebook, but in reality what we got is a new shine on an old product. In the word’s of my generation, “Where are my f***ing flying cars?”

Or, in more sense-making terms, where are my next-gen games? Yes, I enjoy playing Assassin’s Creed XVIIL as much as the next guy, but it’s the same game as before with a fancy exterior. This summer saw the Michael Bay-style game launch, throwing more glitter and glam in exchange for absolutely no substance. 

There were a few exceptions to that rule, and the future may hold some promise of truly memorable games, but I can’t be the only person disappointed with what I’ve received so far. Some critics like to say that, since we aren’t making the games, we can’t really be upset when they aren’t up to are expectations. That my friends is straight up bull honky. Games are an entertainment medium, as well as a wonderful form of art, and as such are beholden to the consumer. You’re asking us–the gamers–to sink 20-40 hours of our lives into your work, so you better make it worth our time. 

The Next Generation was heralded as a turning point in the video game industry, but where is that revolution? Why are we still playing the same Call of Duty our older brothers played? Where is the innovation? The bucking of old trends? Where, dare I ask, are the Next Gen Games?

Well, they’re not so far off, if rumor can be believed. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things we all want from new games, and the titles prepared to deliver.