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Violence & Video Games: Part 2

Written by: The CinCitizens

ImageIn this special two-part event, the team is addressing the various angles of the controversial issue of violence in video games. For last week’s installment, click HERE.

This week team members argue the beneficial qualities of video games, look at the suspect double-standard for violence in video games in the UK, and look at a world of gaming wiped clean of violence.

ImageVideo Games: Kid Tested, Parent Approved!

Russell Davidson:

So what’s that they say?

Video games are BAD for kids. Hah! Utter nonsense!

Video games DESENSITIZE people to violence? Hah! As opposed to everything else our society has to offer? How ‘bout some personal responsibility?

Video games are actually BENEFICIAL to kids/everyone, actually GOOD for you.

Let’s see. Video games are challenging, fun, invigorating. Talk about real-world skills! It’s non-stop problem solving, map reading, thinking ahead, risk vs. reward. Games hone reflexes, sharpen vision, enhance reading skills. Players learn lessons, invaluable, about cooperation, priorities, common goals, delayed gratification, frustration management. The interactive nature of these games means you control your fate, you make choices, you create, you have an investment in doing well, and the elation felt when something goes right is positive reinforcement of a well-done job.

The trick is, of course, to pick the right games. There is an age-appropriate factor, just like in movies, as well as a quality factor. Kids shouldn’t play Mature-rated games, just like they shouldn’t see R or NC-17 rated movies. Step in, parents. Have an interest. Monitor what kids play, just like you’d monitor them surfing the web. No duh, right?

And when you find the right games, like Viva Pinata or the Sims Empire, see what kids, see what all of us, learn. Managing existences, human or otherwise, feeding them, nurturing them, keeping them happy and content, making sure nothing bad happens, wanting them to thrive, prosper. Not everything is shoot-shoot-shoot.

Kids/people are sharp. Give us some credit. We know what’s real and what’s not (well, most of us do). If anything, gaming allows certain impulses to be worked through, dispelled, exorcised. Games as therapy!

So PLAY, people, you can’t go wrong. Games are an art form, often amazing to behold. You don’t want to miss out, do you???