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WB versus A Tale of David Getting His Ass Handed to Him By Goliath

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: IESB

Hey guys, we here at CC2k are pretty pissed off this morning. You might remember we posted some promotional images of Bale and Ledger as Batman and Joker from the upcoming The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find them on our site anymore, or anywhere else online.

Warner Bros. unleashed their legal might and sent out cease & desist orders like they were Christmas cards. We (and sites like ours) have agreed to take the pics down. Even the guys at (who first came upon the images and to whom the rest of us linked to as the source) took them down, but that wasn't enough for the high and mighty WB.

There are more details after the jump.

Bottom line? The higher-ups at Warner Bros. are a bunch of assholes. For what it's worth, we here at CC2k stand with you, Felipe (site manager of

So what did Warner Bros. do that was so reprehensible? Even though Felipe removed the images from his site and even from his Flickr account, Warner Bros. were able to shut down his account. Since Felipe used it to host ALL of the images on over the last FIVE years, this means his site now has NO images whatsoever.

And they did this AFTER he complied with their demands. Like I said, ASSHOLES.