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WGA Strike Halts Production on Two Shows, May Run into 2008

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

Power to the people, Koz. Power to the people.

ImageSources: Variety, New York Times

The Writer's Guild of America strike has interrupted the seasons of two of TV's most popular shows. The strike might run into 2008.

Power to the people, baby.

First, the shows: Variety and the New York Times report that Fox's 24 and NBC's The Office have both been forced to stop production.

For 24, the interruption means that the show might have to move the beginning of its seventh season to the middle of the spring, but it might also mean delaying the seventh season until the fall of 2008.

Over in the Scranton, Pa., (or Van Nuys, Calif.) offices of The Office, many of the show's cast members are also writers, which meant they were on the picket lines along with the show's star, Steve Carell, who refused to cross the picket line.

Because of the breakdown of talks, Variety is reporting that the strike could run into 2008.

Good. Strike until the decade's out. I'm no expert on the dynamics of Hollywood economics, but damn if it doesn't seem like every time a new media is introduced, the fat cats try to keep all the money to themselves.

Variety also reported that the Writer's Guild of Canada has expressed solidarity with their American colleagues in the WGA.

For what it's worth, CC2K is behind you, too.