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Which Comic Book Character Will Djimon Hounsou Bring to Life?

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: IESB

Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) revealed yesterday while promoting his new film, Never Back Down that he will be starring in "his dream project" – a comic book trilogy.

Now is when the speculation runs rampant, as he refused to mention exactly which pulpy character he’d be portraying. The guys at IESB have some interesting ideas, though they are quick to point out theirs are just guesses, and they have no solid evidence to back them up…yet.

The first is that Hounsou could be portraying the African superhero The Black Panther, and could be the special guest of the next Fantastic Four movie (very similar to how The Silver Surfer was introduced in the last film.

Though I swear Wesley Snipes was rumored to be connected to this role at some point in the past, Hounsou is a great choice for this character. Though it’s pretty ambitious to already be planning a trilogy around one of Marvel’s less popular heroes.

The other possiblity that IESB is suggesting is Tintin. This is a comic that, although not well known here in the States, is very popular over in Europe, and is being adapted into a trilogy of feature films (by Steven Spielberg, no less).

Given that Hounsou grew up in Europe, it could make sense that this could be a "dream project" for him.

Only time will tell, and we’ll keep ya updated.