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X-COM Chronicle – Entry 20: Enemy Within

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

24-28 June 2015 / Granite Peak / Council Briefing

“Ladies and gentlemen of the X-COM Project, thank you for coming to this emergency briefing.” The Council representative spoke over the loudspeakers, his image simulcast on a dozen screens around the briefing room. A few of the soldiers wore headsets, and translators quickly converted the speech into their language of choice. 

I found the work “project” to be distasteful. 

Yes, I know that officially we are not a sanctioned international team. The world’s armies are still fighting the good fight on their own (and losing, I might add). Though we have plenty of support from around the world, we are still seen as Plan B. No one expects a small group of soldiers, scientists and engineers to make a difference in this global war.

I should be paying attention. 

“Interrogation of the suspect in the French convoy attack has revealed some disturbing information. The man in question claims to have been working with an organization calling itself EXALT. Though he was reluctant to talk, we have been able to gain new and unnerving intel regarding this group’s intent. 

“EXALT is a transhumanist organization with delusions of world domination through genetic experimentation. A mouthful, I know. This shadow group has been experimenting with human genetic manipulation for years, trying to create super soldiers. The alien invasion was an unplanned opportunity, but one they fully embraced. With the abundance of X-ray DNA to be harvested, they’ve upped their timeline and begun activating cells within funding countries.”

The Commander, usually silent during these briefings, swore loudly.

“Commander,” the Council representative said. “I can’t stress the importance of this new directive enough. The alien threat is our top priority, but we cannot risk allowing EXALT to grow unchecked in our midst. I am activating Bureau Protocol. Soldiers may now elect to serve in covert operations against known EXALT locations. These will be high-risk missions, and there is no guarantee we will be able to get you back.

“Good luck, X-COM. Humanity is counting on you.”