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Zenescope Cancels Pirate Themed No Quarter

Written by: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

ImageThe previously announced pirate-themed comic book series that was highly promoted by Zenescope Entertainment has been canned. No explanation was given in the press release by Zenescope Vice President Ralph Tedesco, other than:  "We feel bad that we let our fans down a bit after promoting the release and getting some great feedback but unfortunately sometimes the unexpected occurs. We do wish No Quarter Entertainment luck with their future endeavors and hopefully the book will be published at some point, even if it's not under the Zenescope label." 

Ah, yes, the "future endeavors", or "major fallout". This must be something pretty extreme, as a preview issue was already released at the New York Comic Con, and Zenescope has promoted this book fairly heavily in the past few months. Not going to lie though, the preview was awful. Perhaps they pulled the plug early to save themselves some money? If that's the case, it's probably a good decision for all involved – Zenescope is better than that.