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Scar Tissue

A Fan’s Love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Written by: Alexandria Smith, Special to CC2K

Scar TissueMy experience with the nearly thirty year old ska – funk based band Red Hot Chili Peppers is a lot more emotional than you’d anticipate. I say this because if you’re at all familiar with such songs as “Scar Tissue”, “Suck My Kiss”, or “Sir Psycho Sexy” which – with its raunchy lyrics and borderline psychedelic guitar riffs –  you know that they feel  less like songs and more like supporting tracks for a poorly done adult films. However, this band, believe it or not, played a pivotal role in the life of my first long term relationship.

My first boyfriend who happened to be the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for a local band back home was endlessly inspired by the band – especially front man Anthony Kiedis. I can even remember when he showed me “I Could Die For You” from the 2002 album By The Way, the both of us sitting on the couch in his apartment living room. An intense declaration of devotion supported by a melancholic guitar part, heavy bass line, and popping drum beat, the song would have most people running as far and fast away as they possibly could.

 I didn’t, though because in some strange way, as Kiedis’ heartfelt vocals filtered through the speakers of his laptop with the words “I’m here to be your only go between / To tell you of the sights / These eyes have seen / What I really want to do is / Turn it into motion / Beauty that I can’t abuse,” I knew that my boyfriend at the time was telling the truth.

Even now, long after that love has wilted and died, the song continues to bring me back to the day that I first experienced this degree of intense emotion. Consider it an after effect of young love –we were only teenagers; the epitomes recklessly passionate kids still painfully unaware of what it meant to grow up. Nevertheless, the Red Hot Chili Peppers showed us something that day, so every time that I hear them, I will remember his passion for music, calloused fingers, and equally bruised heart that he only seemed to bear itself at the purest moments.