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The Eeries

Album Review :: The Eeries :: Home Alone

Written by: Alexandria Smith, Special to CC2K


The EeriesThe Eeries’ first full length album Home Alone taps into a rock’n’roll style reminiscent of the British Invasion’s fab four, complete with pop guitar riffs, syllabic vocal harmonies, and catchy hooks. However, unlike the Beatles, The Eeries are a smaller musical group based in Philly’s “basement beat” scene – a term coined on their Facebook page – and is quickly gaining a loyal fan base, which is no surprise.

Almost immediately my foot started tapping along with the modest beat and alternating choruses of “ah ah ahs,” in the album’s first track, Should’ve Stayed Home, an energetic ditty worthy of serious hip shaking. The energy dips a little bit before quickly picking up into the third track called How It Goes, complete with staccatoed guitar and vocal styles, drum fills, and even more syllabic harmonies in the form of the classic “bah badup bah.”

These are but a few samples of the classic rock’n’roll charms that characterize the Eeries’ sound throughout the entire album. Home Alone continues with eight other tracks for a grand total of eleven, some lovingly titled Stay With Me, Hanging On, and No Fun which, at a glance, sound as pathetic as they do sappy but prove to be quite the opposite. With a similarly paced beat but different key, these songs march move forward with the same likable 50s-esque sound.

The Eeries’ certainly prove to be as enjoyable as the Beatles’ and, were it not for the snow on the ground; I’d think it was summer, hop in my car, and drive to the shore – or better yet, drive to see this band since we’re both in Pennsylvania. That’s just how light, fun, and catchy the whole album is.  So if you have a soft spot for 50s styled pop/rock bands, this is definitely the album for you.