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Batman: Li’l Gotham #1

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

You know what I have missed in the DC Comics line? Tiny Titans. Now THAT was a humorous and quirky kid-friendly delight! Since the title ended over a year ago, there’s been a yearning for a comparable all-ages series. In comes Batman: Li’l Gotham.

Writer: Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs
Artist: Dustin Nguyen

Batman: Li’l Gotham #1 follows Damian Wayne as he learns the true meaning of Halloween and the spirit of Thanksgiving. In the first part, Batman attempts to teach Damian the history behind Halloween. But being the stubborn, mischievous villain-clobbering boy he is, he takes everything Batman says a bit too literally, which makes for some comical actions and misunderstandings. Though it is debatable as to whether Damian learned anything, Batman’s expression of warm holiday cheers wraps up the story with a nice pretty bow.

In the second part of the story, the Penguin takes vengeance against Gotham for celebrating Thanksgiving, a holiday that celebrates the “murder and consumption of our brethren birds”. While it is a no brainer that he will be apprehended, the story takes a musical and jolly turn that will have you smiling and singing a happy tune.

Batman: Li’l Gotham is a fun and a light-hearted read. Kids are sure to get a kick out of it and older readers will appreciate the references that Nguyen and Fridolfs make. There is much to enjoy from this first issue alone.

To start off, puns are scattered throughout the story. They can be awfully corny, but who doesn’t like chuckling every few pages? Next is the characterization of Damian. His frankness and silent actions are adorable and entertaining. He’s the brat that you can’t help but love. We also have a less serious Batman, whose clever nature manages to poke fun at Damian any chance he gets. To top it off, Batman: Li’l Gotham presents the world before the New 52. It’s a world where Barbara Gordon is still Oracle and Cassandra Cain exists. If only we could live in this scene forever. But we can’t so let’s move on.

Dustin Nguyen’s art, like usual, is spectacular. He continues to nail it with his chibi, cartoon-like characters. Though what makes his art different from a simple cartoon illustration is his use of pastel watercolors. If you have never seen his art, it is truly unique.

Pick up your digital or hard copy of this #1 in stores now while it’s still hot. Rest assured, you will be amused.