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Captain Ultimate #2

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

Superheroes with a lot of problems and deep dark secrets are overrated. Captain Ultimate on the other hand? He’s the new deal. He’s a big bundle of joy, heart, and justice all wrapped into one. So don’t go reading more comics that make you all gloomy and sad. Get Glad! Wait, that’s a commercial. But I digress…

Writers: Benjamin Bailey and Joey Esposito
Illustrator: Boykoesh Akkerman
Colorist: Ed Ryzowski.


Captain Ultimate #2 is a fun-loving comic that will make you laugh at the turn of every page. This issue begins with kid protagonist Milo, who has gained much popularity with his friends since becoming pals with Captain Ultimate; shown in the first issue. When their school bus is attacked by Dr. Destruction, it is up to Milo to be the prime example of bravery and save the day. While Milo does most of the saving, it’s Captain Ultimate, the righteous of heroes that swoops in like a ray of sunshine to finish the job.


This issue is very entertaining from beginning to end. That’s because Bailey and Esposito find a way to make fun of every situation possible, whether it be the dialogue that ensues, the puns being said, the clear jokes aimed at current superheroes, or the old school references. Captain Ultimate has got it all!


I greatly enjoyed the school bus scenes. Not only because the children act so nonchalantly when Milo literally crashes their bus to safety, but also because Bailey and Esposito make a humorous statement on consumerism and fads. I know that urge of buying crap I really don’t need, all too well.


Furthermore, the fight between Captain Ultimate and Dr. Destruction is over-the-top corny and I can say I absolutely liked it. It’s so lame that it’s good! But let’s not stop there. The underlying thing that makes Captain Ultimate fantastic is that he cleans up after his battles. Seriously, Superman gets thrown into walls, taking whole buildings down with him and flies off. Captain Ultimate sticks around for repairs. Who’s the good Samaritan now?


Overall, Captain Ultimate is an all-age comic that’s fun for everyone. For the older readers, there are an awful lot of nuances to pick up and enjoy. As for the younger readers, it’s a cartoony action comic that lays out good and evil in the simplest terms. As a bonus, Bailey and Esposito use quite the range of vocabulary. Did anyone notice words like affinity and tomfoolery?  Your kids are sure to ace the verbal section of the SAT when they grow up thanks to Bailey and Esposito!


Captain Ultimate is off to a promising start. It’s so promising I’m convinced it’s the reason why CC2K’s comics editor has started growing a mustache. It makes you do bold things, I guess. That calls for high fives all around!