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CC2K Comic Exclusive: Read a Short Story from the Bizarre New World Anthology

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

What if you could fly? What if EVERYONE could fly?

That’s the core concept explored in Bizarre New World, a 278-page graphic novel by creator Skipper Martin, with art by Christopher Provencher and Adam Huntley. CC2K is excited to support their Kickstarter campaign for the book, which is live now until May 28th!

Bizarre New World is a fun fantasy comic following Paul Krutcher, an ordinary guy who becomes the world’s first flying man. His status as the only flier, however, is short-lived when he finds out the entire human race has also taken to the sky. This is not a story about superheroes and alien invasions, but one that is grounded in real life and explores in detail what our world would look like if we could all fly.

Martin takes our daily, mundane tasks and turns them into extraordinary concepts. If we could fly, would we need cars? Would we do our jobs the same way? What would happen if we flew too high and lost oxygen? Think of all the new rules and regulations. The possibilities are endless!

After 9 years of production, Bizarre New World is completely finished and has a definitive ending. It just needs your help to get published! But that’s not all! Martin has also produced a 225-page short story anthology that further explores the flying human world. It was created by 50 contributors from across the globe, including Rick Leonardi, Tradd Moore, Corinna Sara Bechko, Allan Jefferson, Megan Levens, Tone Rodriguez, and Tom Orzechowski.

Today, CC2K has the exclusive opportunity to let you read one of the 28-short stories in the anthology. Read it below and think about supporting the Bizarre New World Kickstarter! For a free 22-page preview of the main book and a few short stories, go to Happy reading!


The Third Anabaptist Church of Divine Flight

Writer: Neal Bailey
Artist: Connor Willumsen
Colorist for Pages 4-8: Ellen Everett
Letterer: Bernie Lee
Story Editor: Skipper Martin