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Comic Preview: Duckless

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

If you want some good laughs to make your week, look no further than Marc Jackson’s new comic strip, Duckless.


Duckless comes from the creator behind Man From Space, a quirky graphic novel about an odd man and his goldfish crash-landing on a seemingly deserted planet and meeting a cast of equally wacky characters. You can read a CC2K review of it here. Marc Jackson’s Duckless falls along the same line of zaniness that will have you chuckling, and whose adorably lighthearted and sprightly art style will make you smile.

Duckless tells the adventures of a guy named well, Duckless, and his friends. Duckless draws the comic we are reading, affecting the world around him with his imagination. Everything we see happening as a reader is actually his imagination running wild to create a more exciting life for himself. This suggests that he probably gets himself into a lot of weird and awkward situations for our entertainment.  

Unlike Man From Space, Duckless is a 3-page comic strip running weekly for 7 weeks as part of the online comic anthology, Aces Weekly. While it is mostly self-contained every week, some do run as continuing strips. Duckless is gag driven and composed of humorous set ups and fun story elements. In fact, Jackson describes it as “Adventure Time meets Peanuts.” Below is a one-pager that Jackson was able to share with CC2K:

Duckless begins in Volume 15 of Aces Weekly in March. Yup, that’s right now and it’s not too late to give it a go. Subscribe to Aces Weekly now! Subscribing not only gets you Duckless, but 20 pages of the best in comic art and storytelling from various creators every Monday. You’ll even get free entry into regular prize draws for collectibles and original art. Don’t miss out!

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