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Free Comic Short: Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel Trouble

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

Take a step back and get ready to return to 1991.


Story & Letters: Wes Locher
Art: Loch Ness
Colors: Andrew Pate

Remember the good old days of the NES? You know, with its huge gray video game cartridges that you had to constantly clear the dust out of for the game to work? I know I do, and so does comic writer Wes Locher and artist Loch Ness. In fact, they’re kind of traumatized by one game in particular. That’s right, Battletoads!

If you don’t know what Battletoads is, it was a two-player NES video game released in 1991. It features two space mutant warriors named Rash and Zitz, who are on a mission to defeat the evil Dark Queen and rescue their friends, Pimple and Princess Angelica. It is renowned as one of the most difficult games ever created.

Locher and Ness love and appreciate the game so much, they decided to make a 5-page comic short about it and guess what… it’s FREE! Their comic focuses on Stage 3 of the video game, known as the Turbo Tunnel, which they consider to be the most ridiculous, frustrating and painful level of them all.

**Read Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel Trouble here**

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