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Green Lantern #15

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor


“You’re not Hal Jordan.” 
“And you’re a talking squirrel.”

Yes, that dialogue actually happens. Sadly it is also the most memorable scene in “Green Lantern #15”. Stick around and let me tell you why.

Green Lantern #15

Writer: Geoff Johns
Illustrator: Doug Mahnke

“Green Lantern #15” continues to follow newly recruited Green Lantern Simon Baz after the “death” of Hal Jordan and Sinestro. In this issue, Baz attempts to clear his name by hunting down the real criminal behind the van full of explosives. For those just joining in, Baz is a car thief that unfortunately stole this said van and drove it into an abandoned factory to blow up in issue #0. Instead of being called a hero, he’s been branded as a terrorist. This issue attempts to finally settle this misunderstanding.

And that’s all. That’s all this issue was about. Very disappointing.

Being a part of the “Rise of the Third Army” event spanning four Green Lantern related titles, this issue told us absolutely nothing. Not that I don’t care about Baz’s plight, I really do. In fact I’m not even a Hal Jordan fan (although I respect him) so it’s not like I want Baz to go away. No, that’s not it at all. I’m a big Green Lantern Corps fan who just wants the real story to begin and I’m not getting it.

We are now five issues into the “Rise of the Third Army” storyline. This includes the prologue and annual and all we got in #15 were annoying teasers. There are a few pages of the Third Army consuming people like usual and ONE page of Hal and Sinestro that seemed unnecessary.

Geoff Johns was not on his game. If he didn’t want to talk about the Third Army, that’s perfectly fine. However, I think this issue could have been better if it focused on developing Simon Baz’s character and made us feel something for him. This is what Johns usually does well but is missing here.

I may sound nitpicky, but that’s only because nothing happened in #14 either. For a highly publicized event, you’d think the story would get to the point already.

When is Baz going to see some real Green Lantern action? What’s the story behind the First Green Lantern? Where the heck are Hal and Sinestro? And finally, when is Baz going to run into Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and the rest of the Corps?

One of these questions better be answered in the next issue or as Guy Gardner says, people will be in for a “world of hurt” by me. But not really, because I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Until next time!