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Quick Takes: Fox’s House M.D. Season 4, Episodes 1-3

Written by: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThree epsiodes in it is time we talk about the possibly best show on the air these days. So far nothing new and nothing recurring has trumped House in my book.

Here's what I am thinking of the developments in S4 so far:

Chase/Cameron: I loved Cam's little moment of triumph when House finally figured out she had been working at the hospital for three weeks. I don't love the blonde hair on her, but I think I may suspect the reason why she did it (a personal thing for Jennifer Morrison maybe). I think Chase has grown a pair over the summer, I was all for him ignoring House in the third ep. It suits him that he is finally coming into his own. I think ultimately Cameron and Chase are gonna end up helping House on cases again, even though I am not sure they will return to be his team.

Foreman: Well, looks like that new job didn't work out for him so well. I think basically he is deceiving himself thinking that he can be so much different from House, but in the end he has learned a lot from him and House's methods actually work. Whether they are moral or not is a different story. I predict Foreman's return to pretty much the same position he held, at least working in the same department as House again.

Wilson: Could Robert Sean Leonard be any more brilliant? Seriously, I love this man and what would the show be without Wilson and House constantly going at each other? I am looking forward to maybe seeing some eps where Wilson's problems hinted at last season come back into play.

The new ducklings: I am annoyed with all of them. I think three are gonna end up staying and being House's new team, and because of the casting I am pretty sure Number 13 (Olivia Wilde) is going to be one of them. Which annoys the hell out of me. I cannot stand her. I have suffered her in The OC and then in that one episode of the Black Donnellys I actually forced myself to watch and now in House and on all accounts she is very unconvincing to me, not confident at all. Especially the doctor part she is supposed to play now I don't buy at all. The medical terms don't flow out of her naturally like they do with Jennifer Morrison or Jesse Spencer. I don't believe Number 13 has been through 8 years of med school and an internship the way she presents herself now.

But I still think the show is hilarious and I think there are some surprises headed our way this season.

What does everyone else think?

P.S.: No House next week. There is baseball. But according to Fox this is the only time House will be postponed due to baseball this season. Let's see if they keep the promise.

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