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Television Collision: There Is Justice in Reality TV Yet

Written by: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageOne last time, I will impose on you, before giving you a break from my So You Think You Can Dance raving. That is, until the first ever fall season of the show premieres in September. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (The staggering un-amount of complaint letters or complaint-posts in the forums about my SYTYCD coverage leads me to believe though that maybe most of you don't mind so much.)

Are you one of those people too, who have the habit of just betting on the wrong team or the wrong person all the time? I am one of those people. My favorites are usually not very likely to win, because I like quirkiness and rough edges. I usually don’t fall for “America’s Darlings”, or “German Darlings” for that matter (we do have reality TV competition shows over here as well).

And yet, after five seasons of exquisite and not-so-exquisite dancing, America has finally crowned someone their favorite dancer, who I can get behind.
(For the record: I wanted Travis to win in S2, Neil in S3, Katee in S4 and Season 1 I utterly didn't care about.)


Check out the video below to relive the glorious moment of Jeanine's triumph and how gracious she is in her "acceptance speech".


And what’s more: she’s not even keeping the prize money. She is donating it to an Alzheimer’s charity. That and so many more things make her ultimately likable, without being too streamlined.
Plus, she is only 18, who knows where the future will take her? I, for one, am thoroughly thrilled to see her crop up everywhere. Here's to ya, Jeanine!


(The "Recommended Collisions with your Television" have been omitted this week, as a mini-CC2K-Summit prevented yr. corrsp. from evaluating the scheduled programming closely enough to recommend anything.)