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The Flash Annual #2

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor


The Flash meets Green Lantern! See how the bromance between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan first began in this fun, lighted hearted standalone comic!

Writer: Brian Buccellato
Illustrator: Sami Basri

The Flash Annual #2 is simply what I just described it to be. It is the story of how the Flash met Green Lantern. While not relevant to the overall story currently happening in “The Flash”, this is one issue not to miss if you’re a fan of the Barry Allen / Hal Jordan friendship. Fortunately I am, so I had a good time chuckling while reading this.

The issue opens up with Barry and Hal sitting at a table in a jazz lounge. Because Hal is now the new boss of the Green Lantern Corps with the old Guardians dead, he’s paying his best friend a visit before he has to return to his newfound responsibilities. At the lounge, Hal is bored and quick to point out how boring Barry is. He therefore suggests they get into a little trouble to make their night more worthwhile.

His wish comes true when they’re suddenly transported to an alien world called “Arena World”. Apparently Hal made a deal with the inhabitants there a few years ago on the same day he and Barry met. A deal by the way, Barry didn’t know about, which launches the story into a flashback that later comes full circle.

The story itself isn’t jaw dropping or meaningful. As I said before, it’s purely fun and full of comical banter. Writer Brian Bucellato gives us great character development between these two high-spirited guys. It’s a relationship unlike Batman and Superman, who are both serious, live for justice, and are polar opposites. Barry and Hal on the other hand are chill guys and when they’re together, they act like children. In fact, Barry and Hal are more alike than they are different. They share a common ground that makes them a strong duo.  

Barry may be a thinker whereas Hal is a doer, but they’re both men wearing a uniform. Hal is a space cop. Barry is a police scientist. They strive for order and a better world and this is what makes them understanding of each other. Hal is also a blunt jackass while Barry is a quick-witted smartass. It’s this wonderful combo and balancing out of personalities that makes this annual a delight to read. Together, they help the other be better. Aww, now how’s that for a bromance?

Included in the annual is a short backup story by Nicole Dubuc. If you want a feel good Flash story, this is the one to read. The Flash talks about how the smallest actions can have a huge effect. The problem is never knowing what those actions will be. And while he can’t control everything, he only hopes his good efforts to drive certain actions result in positive outcomes. This is the gist of the backup, but I really enjoyed it.

Now for the complete verdict. If you like the Flash, get this annual. If you like Green Lantern Hal Jordan, get this annual. If you like both? Hm, I’m going to suggest you get this annual. Simple as that.