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The Morning Roundup: Ben Affleck Directs Again, Oscar Race Heats Up, MTV cancels TRL

Written by: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer

Image This morning we have news on Ben Affleck's next project, first Oscar contenders, Fall TV's first cancellation and the red band trailer for Role Models.

Let's call it like it is: Starting out a roundup with news of a new Ben Affleck project is nothing short of audacious. After all, he's not the most respected male in the movie business. But all his missteps aside (need I mention Daredevil?) his directorial debut Gone Baby Gone wasn't a complete disaster.
Given the benefit of the doubt now Ben has been tapped to rewrite, direct and star in The Town, a Warner Bros. adaptation of the Chuck Hogan novel The Prince of Thieves.
Not surprisingly the film would be set in a gritty blue-collar Boston suburb. Hm, sound familiar? But then again, Affleck is best when put in his natural surroundings. Here's to hoping he can pull it off and you kept reading.

Image Fall hasn't geologically started yet and already the movie business across the globe is preparing for award season, specifically the Oscars.
Germany is as well. What do you mean you are sick of movie news from Germany? The fact that the last few years saw plenty of German movies being nominated for the Foreign Film Oscar, and in last year's case even winning that award for The Lives of Others, should tell you that Germany needs to be reckoned with.
In 2009 Germany will be sending Uli Edel’s terrorist drama The Baader Meinhof Complex into the running. It chronicles the rise and fall of the RAF (Red Army Faction) based on true events documented by Stefan Aust, one of Germany's most famous journalists.

But to be complete, here are some films other countries are sending to the Oscars:
From Sweden comes a biopic named Everlasting Moments. It follows the life of Sweden's first female photographer, none other than the grandmother of director Jan Troell himself.
Croatia will try its luck with a film called Niciji Sin (No One's Son) about a veteran of the Balkans War, who has to deal with a dark family secret.
Spain is yet undecided and will announce its candidate on Sept 26th. So far three films are still in the running: Gracia Querejeta's Seven Billiards Tables, Jose Luis Cuerda's The Blind Sunflowers and Jose Luis Garci's Sangre de mayo.

Image Remember we told you yesterday that Eva Longoria may become an Avenger? Well, seems like she won't be joined by Edward Norton, who is the latest incarnation of Hulk and therefore would be a part of the Avengers. But in a recent interview with MTV, he seemed more than disillusioned and annoyed with whomever he had to quarrel over The Incredible Hulk with. Hence chances are slim to none for a sequel or a Norton-mimed Hulk-Avenger.

In the LaLa Land of TV the Fall Season hasn't even gotten into full swing yet and already we have news of a cancellation. MTV's flagship show TRL will go off the air this November. Ten years after its premiere the creators think it is time to give the format "a break".
TRL had suffered sinking viewership since Carson Daly stepped down as host in 2003. But to compensate the loss of TRL, MTV is bringing back "Feedback New MTV", which apparently draws more interest from viewers and labels alike.

And to round this off, we have the red band trailer for Sean William Scott's latest, Role Models. Courtesy of TrailerAddict .