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The Morning Roundup: Monopoly Movie, New Enterprise, Magneto Movie news, MK vs DC clip

Written by: Mike Leader, Special to CC2K

Image This morning we've got scoops about Ridley Scott's adaptation of the board-game Monopoly, some mutterings about the Magneto movie, news about the latest Simon Pegg creation, a Savage Dragon / Barack Obama team-up and, of course, lots more. Wake up, campers – it's the Morning Roundup!

– The movie adaptation of Monopoly has come back from the dead, and now has a writer attached. Pamela Pettler (The Corpse Bride, Monster House) will pen the script, and Ridley Scott is still set to direct.

– Jim Caviezel will be appearing alongside Samuel L Jackson in Blown, an espionage thriller directed by Martha Fiennes.

New details have emerged about the latest project from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, called Paul. The film has been written by the pair (who have previously teamed up in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), and will be directed by Greg Mottola. It will be a sci-fi comedy involving a homesick alien and two geeks traveling around America.

– Empire recently had an exclusive chat with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner, and extracted some firm news about the planned X-Men Origins: Magneto project. The film is still in production, and will prominently feature Charles Xavier. It doesn't seem like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be reprising their roles, however.

– Not to fear, though, as both actors will be appearing on-stage together in a London West End production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. A mouth-watering prospect for any theatre buff, I'm sure!

– Also on Empire, they have a first-look at the new Enterprise, as seen in the ubiquitous upcoming Star Trek reboot.

– In the comics world. Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon has once again been seen courting with President-elect Barack Obama. Check it out. [courtesy of Red Eye Chicago blog]


– We've got yet another traler from the upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, featuring some prime scene-chewing from the Joker.


– And to finish up, here is a guerilla-style snap of the poster for the David Fincher-directed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.