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The Morning Roundup: Surprising B.O. Report, More Comic Adaptations, Snyder Developer for EA Games

Written by: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer

Image This morning we have a surprising Box Office Report, a ton of news about comic adaptations for the big screen, Zack Snyder developing for EA Games, pics from Tim Burton's latest movie and the trailer for Will Smith's Seven Pounds.

Our beloved Box Office report is up first:
Even though CC2K's own Mike Caccioppoli decried it as "an unoriginal dud" , Eagle Eye, starring The Beef, managed to nab the number one spot this weekend in the strongest performance from a movie on opening weekend yet this fall.
Richard Gere's Nights in Rodanthe placed second, but took in less than half as much dough as Eagle Eye. Lakeview Terrace rounds off the top three.
The real kicker though was the Christian-themed movie Fireproof at No. 4, which stars Growing Pains -alum Kirk Cameron, he who now has his own evangelical ministry. Fireproof had a measly $500,000 budget and was in limited release to only 839 screens and yet took in $6.5 million. Only in America…


Are you still excited about more comics being turned into movies? If not, then skip ahead a few paragraphs.

Image Kenneth Branagh, whom most might know as the guy starring in many a Shakespeare adaptation, is in talks with Marvel to direct the big screen adaptation of Thor, set to hit theaters in 2010. Marvel will self-finance the pic. I hope they know what they are doing…

And yet another comic book will be acted out, if Sony gets their will. They have picked up War Heroes, which has been coming out since June through Image Comics. Its creators Mark Millar and Tony Harris will serve as executive producers on the film.
Millar's Wanted was a box office hit this summer and will get a sequel. Plus, Millar's comic book Kick-Ass is currently being filmed by Matthew Vaughn.
So much more comic book action to look forward to… or not.

In comic related news: Watchmen director Zack Snyder has signed a deal with EA Games to develop three games for them, which will then likely be adapted into films as well.


INF Daily has the first pictures of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Nothing too exciting, but you get a look at the fresh face playing Alice and she looks the part.



A German software company is currently helping to bring TiVo to your personal computer . Seems to me they should focus on bringing TiVo to German TVs first! (Currently we only have one provider for it, they call it "T-Home" and no one knows what the hell it is, plus it costs a fortune!)

And lastly, the trailer for Will Smith's newest movie Seven Pounds has just hit the net and you can watch it below.