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The Morning Roundup: The Spirit First Impressions, Yet More Comic-Book Adaptation News, Gaming News

Written by: Mike Leader, Special to CC2K

ImageThis morning we have a first look at Frank Miller's film adaptation of The Spirit, news that Nintendo might be making games for the fans again, the latest from the MST3K guys, and more!

AICN has posted a reader's impressions from a preview screening of the Frank Miller-directed The Spirit. Adapted from the landmark serial comic by the legendary Will Eisner, this will also mark Miller's debut in the director's chair. The relationship between the two comic writers has been described as a '25 year-old argument', and fans (myself included) of the original comic wonder how much of his own style Miller will put into the film. The Spirit is set for release on Christmas Day this year.

In other comic-to-screen adaptation news, HBO's planned TV version of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Preacher has been scrapped. I can't blame them, hell, I actually applaud them, for the project was under the supervision of producer-writer Mark Steven Johnson, whose previous work includes Ghost Rider, Daredevil and Grumpy Old Men.

The last we heard of the guys behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, they had splintered off into various jibe-spewing groups, including RiffTrax, set up by Michael J Nelson. Now he is giving the fans a look in, with iRiffs: a system where readers can send in their own commentary tracks, and perhaps get paid if they're good enough! This is a great move… in theory. One need only cruise Youtube for evidence that MST3K-like humour is a rare gift. Props to Nelson and the guys for spreading the joy, though.

After what most regarded an underwhelming presentation at E3, Nintendo has announced that it is, indeed, still making games for the 'core' base of gamers. Sadly, we won't see the fruits of these labours for another 2-3 years!

Finally, we have an image from the set of the upcoming Vampire-Dreamboat-Drama Twilight (whose script CC2K writer Beth Woodward sunk her teeth into here), and a new poster for the Stephen Chow-produced manga/anime adaptation Dragonball




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