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The Morning Roundup: X-Men spinoffs, Australian Epics, 3D Beauties and Beasts

Written by: Mike Leader, Special to CC2K

Image This morning we've got news about adaptations (X-men. Captain America), more adaptations (Where the Wild Things Are), remakes (Oldboy) and re-releases (Beauty and the Beast)! But don't worry, there are glimmers of originality in here somewhere. Have heart and take heed, it's the Morning Roundup!

– Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (The Chronicles of Narnia, You Kill Me) are in negotiations to write the script for the Joe Johnston-directed comic book adaptation First Avenger: Captain America.

– The Will Smith / Steven Spielberg remake of South Korean action-thriller mindf*ck Oldboy has found a writer, Mark Protosevich (I am Legend, Poseidon). 

More details have emerged about the other other X-men spin-off film, titled X-Men: First Class. OC and Gossip Girl mastermind Josh Schwartz has been recruited, and was offered the opportunity of directing, but he has declined for the moment. He joins producer Lauren Shuler Donner and writer Simon Kinberg on the project, which will focus on the younger members of the superhero team.

– Are there NO original ideas in Hollywood at the moment? Actually, Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to a script called The Days Before, written by Chad St. John (The Further Adventures of Doc Holiday). Empire describes it as 'Ingenious. Groundhog Day meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with a snatch of Timecop'. They're certainly enthusiastic. The film will be produced by Gianni Nunnari (300).

– Ain't It Cool News recently conducted an interview with Spike Jonze, where he spilled the beans about upcoming flick (and adaptation of classic kid's book) Where The Wild Things Are. They have some pix, too. Check it out here.

– Baz Luhrmann's latest film, the romantic epic Australia has been going down a storm in its native country.

– Disney are planning to convert one of their most beloved animated films, 1991's Beauty and the Beast, into a 3D extravaganza for a 2010 release. I'm all for experimentation, but Disney really should stop tampering with their classics. Expect a new version of Lady and the Tramp in Smell-O-Vision to be announced imminently.

– To finish up with, we've got the absolutely splendid Alex Ross cover for Batman #686. To be released in February, the issue will be the first part of Neil Gaiman's 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?' special, which has been causing quite a stir with rumour-mongers and speculators. Controversy and debate aside, this is a wonderful and poignant piece of art in its own right.



– …and a new poster for The Spirit!